Top 10 Counties the UK Export With, 2017

2017 was a great year for exporting trade goods. This is because the UK exported a total of £345.3 billion worth of trade good around the World. However, did you ever stop and think who are you trading with? HM Revenue and Customs (2017) have released a detailed analysis on what countries the UK trade with.  The analysis concluded both EU and Non-EU countries who the UK has exported to and the worth.

Coming first place is USA with a total of £45,804 million worth of trade good exported in 2017. In second place is Germany, with a total of £36,308 million worth of trade good exported in 2017. It is interesting to point out that the top country the UK export to is the USA which is a Non-EU country. In comparison, second place is Germany whom is an EU country. As the UK entered 2017, they were on the back end of the Brexit vote, which was decided in June 2016. With the majority vote concluding a LEAVE result, 2017 started off on an unsteady note. The trading goods industry was wondering how the UK leaving the EU may affect their business. However, with 7 out of the top 10 countries on this report being within the EU, it is the hope that Brexit will continue not to have great effect on the exporting community. However, who is to truly know until the day arrives.
Top 10 Countries the UK Export with

USA – £ 45,804 million

Germany – £36,308 million

France – £25,626 million

Netherlands – £21,336 million

Irish Republic – £19,532 million

China – £16,674 million

Switzerland – £15, 724 million

Belgium – £13,749 million

Spain – £10,471 million

Italy -£10,303 million

Chart based on HM Revenue & Customers Overseas Trade Statistics

With a thriving industry, exporting goods across the World as now site so slowing down. Furthermore, we are excited to see what the remainder of 2018 will bring us as an industry and as a business.

Not only as a company do we specialise in exporting, we also import to the UK. Importing blog post will be featured, in the near feature.