Delays at Felixstowe and Southampton

We are disappointed to notify delays at Felixstowe with no improvement. We have been advised the issues occurred with an update of the Port’s IT system.

Customers whom are using the port, please be aware:
–    Delays to unpacking vessels;
–    Delays in container accessibility and availability;

Unfortunately, we have been unable to guarantee any resolution at this moment.

Furthermore, the rerouting of ships to Southampton has produced a rise in volumes that the facility cannot cope with, and this has been evidenced by:

–      Long delays for hauliers collecting and delivering cargo amongst other issues.

Additionally, this is putting stress on all vessel routes and deliveries, so we ask that you provide at least 2 weeks’ notice of deliveries to decrease potential disappointment. Please be aware, Sandford Freight UK are working hard with shipping lines and partners to reduce disruptions and we aim to monitor the delays and provide you with any relevant updates

These delays are affecting all companies using both Felixstowe and Southampton. We take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope this situation is resolved as soon as possible.

Please contact the Sandford   Freight UK team, for any more information or questions.