Preparing for Brexit with Sandford Freight

Sandford Freight UK has been monitoring the developing situation regarding the Brexit talks and the Westminster debates and would urge you to look at your trade with the EU and be prepared.
We are aware that the UK Government are working on our behalf to secure a comprehensive deal on our exit from the EU.
However, we are also conscious that there is a possibility of a no deal scenario. We must urge on you to put in place key actions in order for the orderly movement of your import and export traffic with the EU and including the Republic of Ireland.
The key elements are:

  1. Register for an EORI number
  2. Check if you need a license to export your goods outside the EU
  3. Obtain the correct commodity code for your goods
  4. Choose the correct procedure code for your goods
  5. Ensure that invoices and packing notes are available
  6. Complete customer clearance authorisation form.

We would advise you to look at the following sites for additional information.

How to prepare for EU exit

Meanwhile, Sandford Freight has experienced staff that can handle your customs documents, and are employing additional resources as required.

We will continue to monitor developments and are always available to assist you,


Roy Walker
Managing Director