Weather warning – PORT CLOSURES

Dear Customers,

We regret to inform you of a weather warning across the country. This will affect both FCL and LCL operations. We are supervising the situation and as always we will be keeping our customers notified concerning individual shipments.


The Port of Felixstowe has been closed since 0100hrs 12/3 until undetermined time. Please be advised this can be until PM.

We would like to warn our customers of closure 13/03/19 01.00hrs until 1500hrs. However, be advised this closure could surpass 1500hrs.


The port of Southampton is not currently closed, however there are limited haulier slots and delayed service with probable cause to close over the next 2 days due to the high winds. We aim to inform you of any closures.

Lastly, additional UK ports are notifying that services will be disturbed and limited over the next couple of days due to the high winds and dangerous working environment.  Be advised this will affect the next couple of days and have a ripple effect over the next week, Sanford Freight UK will do all possible to limit the impact to your shipments and keep everyone informed if they are effected.

Thank you for your patience.