The Sandford Newsletter

April newsletter will be dedicated to the ongoing issues with the recent events on the Suez Canal. With the predicted effects lasting months, we would like to keep you all as up-to-date on how thing will effect your upcoming shipments.

Suez Canal Updates

Sandford Freight have been operating well over 20 years, and it is important to mention, there has never been a more testing time for global freight operations. With the lasting effects of COVID-19, the situation in China and now the most recent event of the Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal. 

Many people are only now realising that 12% of the World’s cargo directly goes through the Suez Canal alone. The blockage halted ALL ships going through the canal in either direction, with many vessels out of position, embarking on longer journeys having been re-routed. On a positive notes the vessel “stuck” behind the Ever Given have now officially been cleared. 

This will have ripple effects on global supply chains over the coming weeks. We are working closely with our partners Worldwide to alleviate the impact of current circumstances onto your shipments, but as you can appreciate there will be some effect. We therefore advise you to prioritise your shipments and book well in advance.

Worst Situation in 30 Years

Our representative at Hamburg-Sud shipping line have released the following statement which shows the gravity of the situation.

“I can honestly say, that in my 30 years in shipping, this is the most difficult time, I’ve known and whilst I would love to be optimistic about the coming weeks, I fear it may be the summer at the earliest, before we see any return to normality in the shipping world. Personally, I dislike sending this type of message and hope you understand I and Hamburg-sud as an organisation feel that we should be completely honest with our Customers, to ensure you can make the best decisions for your business.”

Upcoming Schedule Changes

Far East, Middle East & Indian Sub Continent  

  • Some shipping lines have put a short term stop on bookings due to the Suez Canal incident. We will keep you updated when this changes but at this time we will not know when this will be lifted.


  • Vessel’s are available at this time.
  • A short term stop on reefers to all destination with the exception of Morocco and Eygpt. The aim is this will be lifted mid-April 2021
  •  There is a severe problem shipping to Israel due to the congestion caused in the Suez Canal

All other destinations have bookings available.

Importing from the Far East?

Our partners across the Far East continent have mentioned their concerns with the ripple effects of the Suez Canal blockage.

It is advisable that the sea freight schedule for Far Eat-Europe will be in chaos for the coming weeks. Due to the foreseeable limitations of space and equipment, rates will likely be effected further and suppliers have put a stop on spot rates.

If you plan to ship goods in April/May we strongly advise there is limited spacing and to book this in urgently.