COVID-19 Continues To Have Detrimental Effects on Air Freight Shipments

With much of the UK returning back to normality post the peak of the pandemic, it is apparent many people are forgetting that COVID-19 is still a major risk for all.


The transportation and travel industries continue to be effected by the pandemic with many shipments experiencing delays. As you may have previously seen through media outlets or personal experience, the travel industry are still experiencing shut downs and new rules prohibiting easy travel. Therefore, the availability for flights remains scarce as less people are travelling the demand for aviation companies to provide a full flight schedule is not present.

With the few flights available, logistics companies are unable to obtain bookings with ease.  When cargo space is available flights continue to be cancelled due to fewer people being able to freely travel.


With the demand for air freight cargo remaining high and the lack of availability or cancellations, airlines continue to provide sky high rates for customers.


Here at Sandford we continue to search for the best possible rates.