Air Freight

At Sandford Freight UK we understand that air freight is a very expensive way for any company to move their product. We are acutely aware that when our customers need an air freight solution it must be fast, reliable and cost effective. In conjunction with our international partners we have access to all the world’s major airlines, allowing us to quote on direct and in-direct carriers, as well as commercial and cargo flights. This allows us to offer our clients a first class service, while availing of the most competitively negotiated rates.

We proactively manage our clients’ needs to achieve the best results possible and can handle any size shipment with ease. We can switch traffic between express, courier or scheduled airlines, freighter airlines or even charter flights. We can split shipments and manage them by air, or by sea-air depending on shipment size and time constraints.

Our services include:

  • Listed Agent Status

  • Global Network

  • Door to door Service

  • Daily services to / from all Parts of the Globe

  • Express / Courier / Direct / Deferred / Consol

  • Full Track and Trace

  • Dedicated, Flexible Operations Team

  • Online connectivity to Customs

  • Competitive Tariffs from 0 – 1000++ Kgs

  • Packing / Crating Services available

  • Insurance

  • Temperature Controlled Shipments / Dry Ice Facilities

  • Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Material Neutralisation of Cargo / Removal of Paperwork

Air Freight FAQ

What is chargeable weight?

In airfreight the chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or volume weight whichever is higher apart from certain exceptions.

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What does COD mean?

COD (Cash On Delivery) is a method of payment where you can buy products / services and then make payment at the time of delivery. COD payments are to be made in cash to the delivery person.

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Do I need a Customs Clearance Agent?

For all consignments coming into or leaving the UK from countries outside the EU customs formalities have to be attended to on behalf of the importer or exporter as the case may be. Freight forwarded or customs clearance agent may perform the task and raise an appropriate fee for carrying out the job. In some cases the agent also guarantees and advances the duties to Customs. Also referred to as Customs Brokers since “free circulation” of goods within Europe came into being on January 1st 1993.

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What goods are classed as dangerous goods?

Dangerous Goods (also referred to as hazardous materials or restricted articles), are described as articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property when transported by air.
The following are some examples of dangerous goods that must be declared at time of booking:

  • Oil-based paint and thinners (flammable liquids)
  • Industrial solvents
  • Insecticides, garden chemicals (fertilizers, poisons)
  • Lithium Batteries (not in cameras)
  • Magnetized materials
  • Machinery (chain saws, outboard engines containing fuel)
  • Fuel for camp stoves, lanterns, torches or heating elements
  • Automobile batteries
  • Infectious substances
  • Any compound, liquid or gas that has toxic characteristics
  • Bleach
  • Flammable adhesives
  • Perfume
  • Alcohol

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What is demurrage / Airline Storage?

Demurrage or airline storage is a charge levied by the shipping company / airline after a certain period of time if the goods have not been customs cleared and removed from bonded area.

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What does the term ETD mean?

Estimated time of departure.

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Why do I need an export licence?

Export license may be required for certain restricted products to certain countries, normally military goods, dual use goods and associated technology and software, or radioactive materials.
Information at

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What is an IATA Number?

A number associated with a forwarder or broker who has been approved and is recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to receive cargo, issue air waybills and other documents for carriers and collect charges for air shipments.

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What is a timed delivery?

When a person / company requires delivery within a specified time.

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What is tracking?

The act of providing updates on the progress of a shipment as it transits form origin to destination.

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What does the term warehouse-bonded mean?

Pending completion of customs formalities for Import or Export goods may be held in a bonded warehouse until such time as any relevant taxes or duties are paid. A bondholder gives the authorities the assurance that they will accept responsibility for the duty on any consignment lost while under their control. Similarly, certain goods are manufactured under government control and are kept in bond on the local market or export. Duties will be assessed on the goods before they can leave the bonded warehouse.

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