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No Sailing due Storm Barra UK 

You may previously have seen in the news this week that Storm Barra continues to  impair much of Ireland, the West coast of England and some Channel Islands. Ferry sailings between the UK and Ireland have been tremendously unsettled and are now running at a 24 hour delay. Numerous sailings were cancelled this week, and […]

HS (Harmonised System) of Tariffs 2022

The online version of the 2022 edition of the HS is now available from the World Customs Organization (WCO). From 1st January 2022 the updated HS 2022 edition will come into action as the world’s global standard for classifying goods in international trade. The new 2022 edition of the HS tariff includes considerable changes with […]

EU Declarations 

From 1 January 2022, checks will be intensified in the United Kingdom for having a REX declaration. The invoice or commercial document must state that goods are of European origin. Failure to declare the origin of the goods may incur unnecessary costs. For goods with a value of less than €6000,- the exporter may put […]

Ports Expected To Be Clogged Through 2022

Ongoing port delays and other unprecedented disruptions; with the continuance of rising inflation alongside labour challenges will carry on into 2022. The threat to the supply chain industry continues with short term woes such as holiday sales and delivery disruptions. The long term predicted effects include price sensitivity and consumer spending. Although there are continued […]

We are Hiring: 2 New Positions in Operations

Due to continued expansion here at Sandford Freight UK, we are opening 2 new Full-Time Position within the Operations department.   Job Role Title:  Road Freight Clerk (Monday-Friday Full-Time) Sea Freight Import Clerk (Monday-Friday Full-Time)     You will need full knowledge of the following: Customs entries (you must have experience with customs entries) Quoting […]

Sea Exports to USA

Please note maritime export shipping are experiencing major issues with space and availability on board vessels. For all bookings please ensure you are providing us with a least one month’s notice. All shipping companies are now booking all shipments in one full month in advance before vessel departures.   Further to booking delays in the […]

LCL Shipments Rejected

Lines are now not accepting LCL bookings if the shipment contains certain commodities such as food goods. This is due to lines not wanting to add additional delays on vessels due to some commodities having a greater probability of being pulled by customs for investigation. Authorities at origin are rejecting shipments based on commodity with […]

Extreme Weather in China – Typhoon Season & Flooding

The newest treat to the global supply chain industry is the extreme weather in China. Typhoon season pierces challenges to all modes of transport across china triggering additional delays at China’s busiest ports. In southern China, Yantian port has temporarily stopped drop-off services of containers due to a typhoon alert in the Shenzhen area. Just […]

COVID-19 Continues To Have Detrimental Effects on Air Freight Shipments

With much of the UK returning back to normality post the peak of the pandemic, it is apparent many people are forgetting that COVID-19 is still a major risk for all.   The transportation and travel industries continue to be effected by the pandemic with many shipments experiencing delays. As you may have previously seen […]