We are Hiring: 2 New Positions in Operations

Due to continued expansion here at Sandford Freight UK, we are opening 2 new Full-Time Position within the Operations department.


Job Role Title: 

Road Freight Clerk (Monday-Friday Full-Time)

Sea Freight Import Clerk (Monday-Friday Full-Time)



You will need full knowledge of the following:

  • Customs entries (you must have experience with customs entries)
  • Quoting customers
  • Updating clients on their shipments
  • Liaising with shipping lines/trucking companies and overseas agents
  • Arranging collections and deliveries
  • Completing invoicing
  • Operations from start to finish for each shipment/job


Please be aware this is only a brief spec, more about the role will be discussed in your interview.


Minimum requirements:

  • 3 Years Experience within the Freight Industry in a similar role.
  • Must be PC literate
  • Good telephone manner
  • Excellent computer skills with a good understanding of;
  • Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Strong written and speaking communication skills in English and ability to communicate effectively
  • Keen to learn
  • Team player
  • Able to work on their own




Salary – AAE



If you are interested, please send over your CV to Roy Walker & Paul Harraden on:


Roy Walker – Managing Director & Owner


Paul Harraden – Operations Manager

Sea Exports to USA

Please note maritime export shipping are experiencing major issues with space and availability on board vessels. For all bookings please ensure you are providing us with a least one month’s notice. All shipping companies are now booking all shipments in one full month in advance before vessel departures.


Further to booking delays in the UK,  shipping lines are now not offering any service for delivery once on US soil. This has created even further delays and has made haulage in the US near to impossible.


If you have any concerns for your sea export shipments please get in contact with George on g.williams@sandford.co.uk 

LCL Shipments Rejected

Lines are now not accepting LCL bookings if the shipment contains certain commodities such as food goods. This is due to lines not wanting to add additional delays on vessels due to some commodities having a greater probability of being pulled by customs for investigation. Authorities at origin are rejecting shipments based on commodity with no real explanation. Therefore, it is important to note if you have hazardous cargo or food commodities you may experience difficulty with bookings on a temporary basis.


To avoid your shipment experiencing further delays please ensure you are providing us with plenty of notice for bookings.

Extreme Weather in China – Typhoon Season & Flooding

The newest treat to the global supply chain industry is the extreme weather in China. Typhoon season pierces challenges to all modes of transport across china triggering additional delays at China’s busiest ports.

In southern China, Yantian port has temporarily stopped drop-off services of containers due to a typhoon alert in the Shenzhen area. Just two weeks previous Shanghai’s Yangshan port was evacuated due to Typhoon In-Fa hitting into the Chinese coast line producing extensive flooding and damaging stowed containers which were due to export to the USA.

Typhoon In-Fa has similarly disturbed factory operations in eastern Chin, with major ports along the Yangtze River having ceased operations last week. This may add further delays to your supply chain operations if the goods are of China origin.

Importing from China has become overstretched due to issues such as the Global pandemic, the Suez Canal blockage and now the extreme weather. This means the continuance of delays, sky high rates, shortage of equipment and available bookings.

We are saddened to announce that officials in China predict more typhoons hitting china in the coming months. Consequently, the continuance of delays and inflation in rates are predicted to run through until at the Lunar New Year in 2022.

COVID-19 Continues To Have Detrimental Effects on Air Freight Shipments

With much of the UK returning back to normality post the peak of the pandemic, it is apparent many people are forgetting that COVID-19 is still a major risk for all.


The transportation and travel industries continue to be effected by the pandemic with many shipments experiencing delays. As you may have previously seen through media outlets or personal experience, the travel industry are still experiencing shut downs and new rules prohibiting easy travel. Therefore, the availability for flights remains scarce as less people are travelling the demand for aviation companies to provide a full flight schedule is not present.

With the few flights available, logistics companies are unable to obtain bookings with ease.  When cargo space is available flights continue to be cancelled due to fewer people being able to freely travel.


With the demand for air freight cargo remaining high and the lack of availability or cancellations, airlines continue to provide sky high rates for customers.


Here at Sandford we continue to search for the best possible rates.

Are You Claiming Preference for EU Goods?

From January 2021, if your goods originate in the EU or UK, you may be able to claim a preferential rate of duty when importing into certain countries and released to free circulation. This means they will be free of customs duty.


To claim preference of duty your goods must originate in the EU as set in chapter 2 of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement ‘rules of origin’ and the ‘Product Specific Rules of Origin’ contained in Annex ORIG-2.


If your goods do not meet the rules of origin requirements (or if you cannot prove that the goods meet them) you’ll still need to pay Customs Duty.

To take advantage of preferential tariffs when importing into the UK from the EU (or importing into the EU from the UK), the importer will be need to declare they hold proof that the goods comply with the rules of origin.

You must include a statement on origin that the goods originate from the EU. As a template please include the below statement to your invoices when claiming preference:


The exporter of the products covered by this document (ENTER EORI NUMBER) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of EU or GB preferential origin


When exporting to the EU you must include your EORI number in any statement you issue to your EU customer, regardless of the value.

The statement on origin must be provided on an invoice, describing the originating product in sufficient detail to enable its identification.

You can claim preference for different goods on the same document. You’ll need to clearly identify the goods that are originating and non-originating.

Shut Down In Italy

In August in Italy, the country enjoys a short break which means many business shut down for the duration of August.

Addressing the above, please note there is now limited availability for shipping both to and from Italy. The knock-on effect of this means there is also a spike in costs of shipping to/from Italy.

Looking for a Job?


Are you or anyone you know interested in a new job role here at Sandford Freight UK Ltd?

We are hiring for an apprentice to join us at our office based at Heathrow.

Freight Forwarding Apprentice – Find an apprenticeship (findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk)


View more info here:  https://www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk/apprenticeship/-594221