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IMO 2020- Surcharge Explained

Dear all our Customers,

As some of you may be aware, there has recently been new IMO2020 regulations. The IMO2020 regulations stand for the transition of environmentally aware low sulphur fuel. Shipping lines have announced they will charge the environmental fuel fee (EFF) from December 1st 2019. Therefore, this surcharge will now appear in our costings whether this is quotations, invoicing etc.

Please be aware this surcharge will vary depending on shipping line. However, Sandford Freight will continue to ensure we are providing the best cost and service possible.

Any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our sea freight shipping team.

Brexit Update – TSP and Importing to the UK from the EU

As the UK continues to battle between deals and a potential for no-deal Brexit, the UK have now surpassed yet another Brexit deadline day on 31st October 2019.

How to Prepare for a No-deal Brexit?

UK businesses will need to follow the same procedures to importing and exporting from/to the EU as with the rest of the world. To make this process easier you can use transitional simplified procedures.

What is TSP?

TSP has been introduced by HMRC to help make the importation of goods to the UK from the EU an easier process post no-deal Brexit. TSP gives traders more time to deliver customers forms and apply for relevant duties.

Who should register for TSP?

You can register for TSP if you:

  • have an (EORI) number that starts with GB
  • import goods from the EU into the UK
  • are an established trader in the UK (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Who should NOT register for TSP?

  • If the only goods you import are coming into the UK directly from the rest of the world (outside the EU)
  • If you have a coherent history of presenting late tax returns, not paying duties/ taxes, or your business is in debt

If TSP sounds like something that will be beneficial to your business post no-deal Brexit Register Here

Want Sandford to conduct clearances under TSP for your business?

If you would like Sandford Freight to handle your clearances under TSP, we will require the below information from you:

  • Your TSP Registration Number
  • Your EORI Number
  • Any commodity codes for your shipments

For more news on Brexit – Keep Updated Here


After 14 years service with Sandford Freight, we are sad to announce Mary Ward  who ran our Credit Control will be leaving. Although we are sorry to see Mary go, she will be travelling around the World with her husband.


Pictured, the team here at Sandford Freight Uk

Pictured, the Sandford Freight UK team.

Pictured (left to right) Joanie, Mary, Roy & Claire


From us all here at Sandford we wish Mary a safe and wonderful adventure travelling the World.

Royal Air Force (RAF) 100 Years

What a sight here yesterday at Heathrow. The Royal Air Force (RAF) Fly Past celebrations which was displayed throughout London and parts of Surrey. We were lucky enough here at Sandford Freight UK to see some of the #RAF100 planes.

Congratulations to the RAF on 100 years.

GFFG Conference 2018

Our general manager Darren Morris will be attending the GFFG conference in Bangkok, Thailand. We look forward to connecting with fellow members of the GFFG between the 17th May 2018 to 20th May 2018.


See you there.

Pre-Easter Cargo Peak and Closed Dates

A little update – There will be a “Pre-Easter Cargo Peak” which usually will affect the industry two weekends prior to Good Friday. This notice is just to make all conscious of the projected cargo peak. Here are some dates to keep in mind;


Good Friday: 30th March 2018

Two weeks prior to Good Friday: 16th March 2018

March 2018;

A-Days: 17th, 18th, 24th & 25th

B-Days: 21st, 22nd, 29th, 31st

April 2018;

A-Days: 7th & 8th

B-Days: 1st April


Be aware that over the next 3 weeks, higher than normal cargo volumes are forecast.


Dates the office is closed: 

Good Friday – 30th March 2018

Easter Monday – 2nd April 2018

Jordan Elliott Joins Sandford

We would like to welcome our new road freight co-ordinator Jordan Elliott who joined us last month and has replaced Lesley Owen who has moved on to pursue a career outside of the freight industry. Welcome Jordan.


For any road freight enquiries please email

Sandford Freight

Important Update on China to UK Traffic via Ocean Freight

Port congestion at SHANGHAI terminals has accelerated over the last few days and has now reached the point of critical. Services are now being impacted for all carriers, with a knock-on effect to other Chinese ports, as exporters look to switch bookings to alternative ports to avoid delays, in particular, NINGBO and QINGDAO. All of these ports are ranked in the World’s top 10 and have seen the highest volume gains year on year. Further afield, ports in South East Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent are now suffering similar problems as a direct result of being on co-operating schedules.

A combination of issues listed below, rather than one single problem, has led to this situation which is expected to continue throughout MAY and with a real possibility that things will deteriorate before they get better.

• Unpredictable weather conditions, (dense fog).
• Transition to the restructured alliances.
• Implementation of larger vessels.
• Volumes being stronger than expected.
• Ningbo port omission by certain carriers
• Container equipment shortages
• Empty Hanjin containers taking up vital port space.

Carriers have taken steps by reducing agreed customer space allocations in an attempt to handle a lesser number of bookings effectively. No doubt that while this period of uncertainty exists it will give strength for market pricing to remain high as subsequent roll pools are created with the backlog of containers awaiting export. From their side, Shanghai International Port Group has announced that they are already taking necessary actions to enable normal port operations as soon as possible.

Sandford will monitor the overall situation and issue a further communication update at the earliest opportunity, however delays should be expected and planned for in the interim.