Sea Freight

As technology and data evolve, companies are no longer reliant on the ‘just in time’ process by air. Companies can now plan further ahead and move a lot of their stock items, raw materials and manufactured goods by sea.

Sea freight has been revolutionised in recent years with quicker transit times, more sailings and tighter controls on arrivals and departures.

At Sandford Freight UK we have access to all major international shipping lanes. We can offer direct and indirect services for both FCL (Full Container Loads) and LCL (less than container loads) cargo. We specialise in Break-Bulk and Ro-Ro Traffic. We believe that close control and a focused approach when dealing with shipping lines can yield substantial benefits for our customers. We have developed strong international partners and networks and these enable us to offer an exemplary service in ocean freight.

Our services include:

  • Global Network

  • Door to door Service

  • FCL / LCL / Break-Bulk / Ro-Ro

  • Out of Gauge Service available

  • Service to/from all Parts of the Globe

  • Full Track and Trace

  • Dedicated, Flexible Operations Team

  • Online connectivity to Customs

  • Competitive, Easy to Understand Tariffs

  • On Site Packing/Crating Services available

  • Assistance on loading containers/blocking and bracing

  • Consolidation of orders at origin

  • Insurance

  • Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Material

What is a Bill of Lading (B/L)?

Document issued by a carrier (ship-owner or shipping line) to a shipper of goods. It is a receipt for goods, evidence of the carriage contract, and a document of title to the goods. The latter feature is something akin to the relationship a cheque has to money or another analogy is a cloakroom ticket. Without a ticket you don’t get the coat. Without a Bill of Lading (with the proper endorsement) no goods. The goods can be bought or sold merely by the passing of the B/L consigned “to order” provided that all the endorsements are in order.

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What is chargeable weight?

In sea freight the chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or volume weight whichever is higher apart from certain exceptions.

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Clearance Agent ?

For all consignments coming into or leaving the UK from countries outside the EU customs formalities have to be attended to on behalf of the importer or exporter as the case may be. Freight forwarded or customs clearance agent may perform the task and raise an appropriate fee for carrying out the job. In some cases the agent also guarantees and advances the duties to Customs. Also referred to as Customs Brokers since “free circulation” of goods within Europe came into being on January 1st 1993.

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What is demurrage?

Amount of money payable for failing to load or discharge a vessel or aircraft in the time allowed in the charter party. In the case of containerised cargo it is also payable for delays to equipment such as containers caused by slow customs clearance for example.

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What size is a euro-pallet?

Size of pallet is 1200mm x 800mm. Height of pallet itself is approximately 185mm.

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Why do I need an export licence?

Export license may be required for certain restricted products to certain countries, normally military goods, dual use goods and associated technology and software, or radioactive materials.
Information at

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What is FCL?

FCL is full container load.

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What is a house waybill?

The consolidator issues his own House Waybill (HWB) for each shipment and each customer receives a copy to identify his consignment. The House Waybills are forwarded with the consol, in a sealed envelope attached to the Master Waybill accompanied by a manifest itemising all the shipments by House waybill number for identification purposes at destination. Cargo identification labels will show both Air Waybill numbers.

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What is LCL?

LCL is part container load which is consolidated with other suppliers cargo. LCL is calculated either per 1000kg gross weight or per cbm whichever is greater. The minimum is 1000kg or 1cbm.

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What is a standard pallet?

(Metric pallet)
Size of standard pallet is 1200mm x 1000mm. Height is 185mm.

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What is a tail lift?

A tail lift is fitted to the back of a trailer. A tail lift reduces labour handling costs considerably and increase loading speed.

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What is a timed delivery?

When a person / company requires delivery within a specified time.

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What is tracking?

The act of providing updates on the progress of a shipment as it transits form origin to destination.

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What is a Waybill?

A document used in airfreight and surface freight for the transmission of all relevant shipment information along the transport chain. It contains all details regarding the consignment and charges connected with the transportation elements of the transaction. It is a receipt and evidence of a contract of carriage but it is not a document or title. In sea transport there are advantages to using the Waybill instead of a Bill of Lading by virtue of the fact that there is no need to send a document of title to destination to secure delivery and the possibility of a requirement for a Letter of Indemnity arising is nil. The costs of producing a Bill of Lading is avoided and the waybill can be a paper document or an electronic message thus helping the use of paperless trading (electronic commerce).

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