Brexit Update: Delayed

As the original Brexit departure date approaches, it is key to note that last week Theresa May was granted an extra two weeks to find a Brexit solution after talks with EU leaders. Originally Brexit was due to commence this week on 29th March 2019. However if Theresa May can get her withdrawal deal through parliament the final Brexit date will be pushed to 22nd May 2019 to give time to pass necessary legislation. If said deal is not agreed, the UK will be leaving the EU on 12th April.

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For extended information on this subject find a detailed article here

Important BREXIT update

In the result of a no deal Brexit, HMRC have taken additional steps following the newly announced measures which incorporate Transitional Simplified Procedures.

As of 13th March 2019 HMRC have announced details of a temporary tariff system in case of a vote on a no deal Brexit.

The temporary system is proposed to apply for 12 months and HMRC will be carefully supervising the results of the tariffs on the economy.

Click here for more information on this subject and the direct link to the HMRC brief.

In brief, in the case of a no deal UK businesses will not pay customs duties on a variety of goods which will be imported to the UK. The procedures will cover 87% of the UK’s total imports by value. Some foods, automotive, ceramics, fertiliser, fuel and goods from developing countries will be subject to tariffs which will occupy the outstanding 13%. HMRC proposed measures show their commitment to preparing for all possibilities although the Government’s focus is to secure a deal. Furthermore, confirmation of a temporary method will be taken to avoid new checks and controls on goods at the Northern Ireland land boarder. Please note these temporary import tariffs do not affect any goods crossing the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland. Lastly, we would like to note these tariffs will concern all trading partners equally, aside from those which the UK has a free trade agreement with. Moreover, many developing countries will also benefit from preferential access to the UK market.

Weather warning – PORT CLOSURES

Dear Customers,

We regret to inform you of a weather warning across the country. This will affect both FCL and LCL operations. We are supervising the situation and as always we will be keeping our customers notified concerning individual shipments.


The Port of Felixstowe has been closed since 0100hrs 12/3 until undetermined time. Please be advised this can be until PM.

We would like to warn our customers of closure 13/03/19 01.00hrs until 1500hrs. However, be advised this closure could surpass 1500hrs.


The port of Southampton is not currently closed, however there are limited haulier slots and delayed service with probable cause to close over the next 2 days due to the high winds. We aim to inform you of any closures.

Lastly, additional UK ports are notifying that services will be disturbed and limited over the next couple of days due to the high winds and dangerous working environment.  Be advised this will affect the next couple of days and have a ripple effect over the next week, Sanford Freight UK will do all possible to limit the impact to your shipments and keep everyone informed if they are effected.

Thank you for your patience.